myUFV: Frequently asked questions.

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  • About myUFV accounts

    myUFV accounts are created and maintained for all UFV Students and Faculty.

    UFV Administrative staff accounts have been created for existing employees as on December 2004. Accounts for newer employees will be created on request.

    Most accounts are based on our Banner Student Information System. Accounts for non-Banner users may be created by special request only.

  • Do I need to remember a new user id / password for myUFV access?

    No! The same user id / password credentials used for Student Banner Web and the Student Lab account are used for myUFV

  • How do I log in?

    As a rule, if you can log in to your Banner Web or Lab accounts, you use the same user id / password for myUFV
    Your user name is your Student Id / Employee Id number (often starts with 3000, 2000 or 107). This number is recorded on your UFV Student / Employee card.
    Your password is your six digit PIN allocated to you during the admission / registration process. Initially, the PIN is set to your birth date (yymmdd) and is changed after your first login to Banner Student Web.

  • I don't know or forgot my PIN. How can I get it?

    If you never received your PIN or have forgotten your PIN, please review the myUFV Login Assistance knowledgebase article.

  • What happens if I change my PIN?

    If your PIN was changed (either by you online or by the Registrar's office) the new PIN is automatically synchronized with myUFV. The synchronization may take a few minutes to complete, so please be patient.

  • I can't log in

    Failure to log in is normally attributed to two reasons:

    • The login user id / password you are using are incorrect. See the forgotten PIN instructions above.
    • You do not have a myUFV account. If your first contact with UFV was prior to 2003, or you were never an active student, it is possible that a myUFV account has not been created for you.
      Please contact the eHelp Desk for assistance.
  • I am getting a message to the extent that my account has been locked or disabled. Why?
    • If the message is about the account being expired, this is normal for all new accounts that are created expired to force a PIN change on first use. Just renew the PIN and you will be OK for some time..
    • Most other cases of your account being locked or disabled have to do with exceeding the number of unsuccessful login attempts on both myUFV or the student Web site. myUFV locks your account for increasingly longer periods with each unsuccessful attempt while the Student Information System (Web for student) may permanently disable your access.

    If you can't get in after the third attempt then you are probably using the wrong PIN so please contact the eHelp Desk for assistance.

  • How to change my PIN

Your PIN may be changed from either myUFV or the Student Information System Web Pages. Only the first option is shown here as follows:

  • Login to myUFV with your existing PIN.
  • Navigate to the Online Services page and click the folder under My UFV Records channel.
  • Navigate to Personal Information/Change your PIN page and use the form to change your PIN.
  • It is recommended to log out, wait for about ten minutes then log in again.
  • The new PIN is synchronized with a number of other systems (like the Lab and E-mail accounts) and this is not instantaneous. It is possible for the E-mail and Lab accounts to reject the new PIN for a few minutes after the change.
  • How myUFV deals with E-mail accounts ?

    myUFV uses existing UFV E-mail account and provides an additional access point to your E-mail. If you are a student, your E-mail address is (*)
    If you are a UFV Faculty or Staff member, your E-mail address is (***).

    Students E-mail accounts are automatically made available through myUFV(**).

    Faculty and Staff accounts must be initialized at first use. Please refer to the faculty / staff activation instructions below.

    (*) Numeric values may be added to resolve duplicate names. Always use the E-mail address that was specifically allocated to you.

    (**) UFV E-mail for students may also be accessed on the Web at

    (***) Since staff / faculty Outlook accounts are created manually, there are cases where the E-mail address does not exactly comply with this rule.

  • I am a faculty / staff user and I get an error in my E-mail channel.

    The faculty and staff E-mail accounts are part of the Outlook system, and require your password before they become available through myUFV.
    Follow the steps below to activate your Outlook E-mail in myUFV.

    • Login to myUFV.
    • If you get an error message in the E-mail channel, click the E-mail icon (top right) and you will be asked for the account password.
    • Type your Novell password in the dialog box and click OK.
    • Wait for your E-mail account to load. If you have lots of mail in your In-box, this may take a few minutes
    • It is possible for this process to time out before the mail is loaded. Repeating the steps above normally solves the problem.
  • Can I access my E-mail other than via myUFV?

Yes. Students may access their E-mail on the Web at Staff / Faculty may use

  • Is it possible to auto-forward my student E-mail to another address?

Yes. If you want to auto-forward your UFV E-mail to another account you need to log in to your Web mail reader (how?) and use the Options menu to configure auto-forwarding and other available options.

Caution: although auto-forwarding may seem a convenient tool to consolidate all your E-mail messages you must consider some possible negative effects :

  • The auto-forwarding target account may fail to receive or accept your UFV mail for some reason (i.e. attachments too large, mark it as SPAM, or just unavailable).
  • If you chose to leave a copy of the mail on the UFV server and fail to regularly delete old messages, your storage limit may be exceeded. When this happens, incoming UFV E-mail will be rejected.

As an alternative you may consider adding your UFV account to your preferred E-mail reader (how?) or adding your other accounts to the myUFV reader (how?).

  • I changed my name. Is my E-mail address going to automatically change accordingly?

Not at this time. The issue is under consideration since in some cases (when individuals are heavily invested in an existing address) automatically changing the E-mail address may cause considerable harm. Should you chose to change your E-mail address to reflect your new name, please contact the eHelp Desk.

  • What happens to my student E-mail account after I graduate or interrupt my studies at the UFV?

At this time, UFV student E-mail accounts are not being canceled as a result of change in student status.

  • I set up my address book in the Web Mail reader but when I check my mail via myUFV the address book is empty. What happened ?

Your E-mail may be accessed via two readers, one being the Web mail reader and the other is myUFV E-mail channel. Each of the two readers has its own Address Book such that contents in the one are not accessible from the other. If you had entries into the Web mail reader, they are still there and available to you when using this reader. Same goes for contents of myUFV address book.

  • I would like to add my UFV student E-mail account to my home E-mail reader. How can this be done?

The procedure for adding new accounts to various E-mail readers (such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express) differs with the provider. Most of them will require the information as given below:

  • Incoming server name:
  • Account type: POP or IMAP.
  • Account (or user) name: Your student ID.
  • E-mail address: Your UFV E-mail address.
  • Password: Your PIN.
  • I would like to add my other E-mail accounts to myUFV E-mail reader. How can I do this?

myUFV allows for the addition of up to five other POP E-mail accounts to its E-mail center channel. The procedure is described in the system's Help and you will need to provide the external account information such as the Server Name, Account name, E-mail address and password.

Caution: Please be selective when creating external accounts in myUFV as this may affect the system's performance. When you log in to myUFV, the E-mail channel attempts to connect to all configured E-mail accounts and may be made to wait for a slow or defective connection.

  • About myUFV calendar.

myUFV creates calendars for various entities such as Users, Classes and Groups.

  • The User calendar is your personal to use as you like.
  • A Course calendar is create for each class and comes populated with meeting times and locations. If you are registered for a course, you have access to its calendar and that is where you may get your schedule.
  • A Group calendar is created for each group and may be used by the group leader for scheduling group related activities. Group membership grants you access to the group's calendar.

You may set the calendar options to mail you remainders on set events. Make sure the E-mail setting in the calendar options page is correct as this is not automatically maintained by the system.

  • I would like to have all my events and schedules consolidated in one calendar. How can this be done?

You may overlay two or more of your calendars by creating one or more Calendar Sets. See the relevant sections in the Help system for the detailed procedure.

  • Nothing happens when I click a link or button

Some myUFV functionality is implemented with pop-ups. If your browser is set to block pop-ups or you have installed anti spy-ware tools that block pop-ups, these functions won't work. Currently we know of the Groups Chat function and the E-mail Compose functions being affected by pop-ups blockers. Disabling the pop-up blocker, normally solves the problem.

  • How to get help?

Click here to contact the eHelp Desk